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MBRP 9/05/2022 Patch Notes


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MBRP 9/05/2022 Patch Notes

  • Fixed skins of current weapons
    • Fixed glitchy skin on AK-74
    • Fixed glitchy skin on AW50
    • Fixed glitchy skin on ACR
    • Added Double Barrel to the skins menu
    • Added Spas 12 to the skins menu
    • Added Engraved Golden Deagle to the skins menu
  • Fixed job description for Runner and Pro Runner
  • Added new refund system that will now refund you the entities you had when the server went down. (!refund)
  • Removed the old /crash refund system (doesn't refund weapons)
  • Moderators+ can now /setjob
  • Did some organization changes to jobs
    • Moved vip,vip+, and exhib category jobs to their respective categories (for better organization)
    • Removed vip, vip+, and exhib categories
    • Made a new category "Cartel" and moved all the cartel jobs to that category
    • Moved Meth Cook and Opium Cook to Criminals category
    • Renamed Misc category to Monsters
    • Increased the max Terrorist Sniper slots to 2
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