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DarkRP Patch Notes 4.4a ( Restartless )


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DarkRP 4.4a Patch Notes

Apologies ahead of time to the people who find afk gambling the only way to make money quickly, this patch will nerf gambling but buff other forms of money making drastically.

  • Nerfed Gambling machines ( Hot Fixed )

    • Double or nothing max has been reduced

    • Wheel of luck chances have been reduced

  • Bit-Miners ( Hot Fixed )

    • Quintupled the amount of bit miners make per print

  • Weed  ( Hot Fixed )

    • Buffed Sell Prices on weed

  • Meth  ( Partially Hot Fixed )

    • Amount of meth that can be made per batch has been increased to 2000g from 1500g

    • Time to make meth has been cut in half across the board

    • Transport crate can now hold 2000g

  • Opium has been buffed ( Hot Fixed )

    • Sell price for all opium has been quintupled

    • Time to cook has been reduced down to 30s from 72s

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