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DarkRP Patch Notes 4.4b


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DarkRP 4.4b Patch Notes

  • Elegant Printers

    • Quadrupled the amount of elegant printers make per print

  • Meth

    • Added all police jobs to !stripmeth command ( can be used on players to force them to drop their meth ) 

      • Destroying it gives you money

  • Pizza has been buffed

    • All pizzas sell prices have been tripled

    • Time it takes to burn pizza has been doubled

  • Removed broken square from context menu

  • Added Blunder Gat to perm weapon tab for 1.5 billion ( Expensive for some but well worth the cost since it's the most op gun in the game )

  • Added more wonder weapons to the server for future updates.

  • Added Fight club manager

    • Owns the old church in the back of the map with a boxing ring inside

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