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DarkRP Patch Notes 5.0


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DarkRP 5.0 Patch Notes

This update is an economic update!!! NOT A WIPE

  • Made permanent weapons non refundable

  • Made vehicles that you purchase / win non-sellable

  • Crypto ATMs have been removed

    • For those players who have had over a billion dollars in either your crypto wallet or regular wallet or both I will be offering money to credit compensation + permanent blowtorch

    • In order to receive the blowtorch and credit compensation you will have to sign in here first

    • https://hub.exhibitionrp.com/

    • Then either make a ticket in discord or directly message myself on discord: ( Mike )#7361

    • Be sure to have your steamID ready if you didn’t have more than a billion ingame I will not be issuing this 

    • Once you have received your refund I will set your money down to 800k and you can begin your grind once more.

  • Nerfed printers by 25%

  • Printers now take 180 seconds to print

    • For the junkies that need to see the math

      • Sapphire now prints 10125 every 180 seconds

      • Emerald now  prints 13487 every 180 seconds

      • Ruby now prints 16848 every 180 seconds

      • Diamond now prints 20250 every 180 seconds

      • Bitcoin Value is now 844

    • Printer events will still double these values

  • Opium has been nerfed by over 300%

    • Opium no-longer requires you to sell to the NPC, just press E on the package and it automatically gives you the money

  • Weed has been changed

    • All Seeds besides GOD take 200 seconds to grow

    • GOD seed has been nerfed now gives $25 per gram but after an hour it grants more money than normal growing

  • Meth has been buffed by over 200%

  • Delivery ( Jeff Bezos ) has been buffed by over 400% to keep up with other jobs on the server

  • City Worker has been buffed by over 3000%

  • Pizza making is a very rigorous task and takes your full attention to make money, that being said I have left pizza in its current state

    • During testing over a period of 10 hours at 100% efficiency. I have been able to make over 95 mil just making pizzas alone

    • If you decide to go down that path be warned you will be bored and burnt out from playing on the server but it is currently the best way to make money on the server.

  • Added Blowtorch to the server

  • Added Blowtorch to permanent weapons ( The price is set high to discourage players from purchasing it )

  • Fixed scoreboard for administration team

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