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MBRP 9/21/2022 Patch Notes


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MBRP 9/21/2022 Patch Notes

  • Fixed purchasable events from not running on purchase
  • Added back the ladder tool
  • Reverted back to the old prop protection once again... hopefully the last time.
  • Made some edits to the in-game money credit packages
    • Removed the $10k option
    • Removed the $50k option
    • Added new $50mil option
    • Added new $100mil option
  • Lowered the price of in-game money a bit as shown below
    • Lowered the $100k package to 150 credits
    • Lowered the $1mil package to 850 credits
    • Lowered the $10mil package to 1,500 credits
    • Lowered the $20mil package to 2,650 credits
  • Increased the reward for voting on polls to $1,000,000 from $25,000
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