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How to make Moonshine


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How to make Moonshine (Had to repost it because it got hidden)


Once you join the job you will need to spawn in the following




The cooler and Condenser will spawn like this to remove it from the crate press E and attach it to the Distillery by dragging and pressing left mouse button on to the Distillery




It will look like this




After you set up those items spawn in the Grinder ,yeast and paper bags




You can also spawn in the Grinder Motor if ur rank is VIP or higher




Do the following once you have spawned in these items





After you grained the yeast spawn in two Waters and Sugars and spawn in one Fermentation Barrel




And Do the following




Once you add all of those items together SHAKE THE HELL OUT OF THE BARREL and let it ferment

When its done fermenting you will need to Buy wood from the F4 menu




Once you've got that place the wood and barrel in the Distillery 




When you are making the shine make sure to keep on Depressurizing the Distillery so it doesn't blow up




Make sure to also add water to the cooler so it can cool the shine down its will also stop it from blowing up


Next thing to do is to buy the jar pack and jar crate



And do the following (To make things go faster press Upgrade menu)





 Once the jars are full of Moonshine place them in the crate and press Collect to be ready to sell OR press Extract to get a single jar of moonshine to drink



When you press Collect bring it to the Moonshine buyer Located here (Later on ill update this to show all the locations of the buyer when I'm back on)



Hope this was helpful

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