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DarkRP Patch Notes 5.3

RoidRager πŸ’Š

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DarkRP 5.3 Patch Notes

  • Map update has arrived, we are currently using rp_exhibition_v2

  • Halloween update has arrived

    • Pumpkins will spawn around the map for players to destroy

    • The top 5 players one the leaderboard for pumpkins destroyed will receive a permanent sledgehammer that breaks down doors and can be thrown

    • Jason and Michael jobs have been added to the server

      • Jason must advert β€œBortles” before killing 1 person; cooldown is 5 minutes

      • Michael must advert β€œDIE” before killing 1 person; cooldown is 5 minutes

  • Updated Mugger UI

  • Updated Mugger untargetable jobs

  • Updated MOTD UI

  • Updated Pack a Punch UI

  • Updated Weed Version 2; can be accessed via the Amateur Weed Grower Job

  • Updated Bitminers 2 to remove the rate update in chat

  • Updated territories around the map

  • Updated Content Pack #5

  • Updated Portals

  • Updated black jack and roulette tables

  • Updated Skeleton and Sea monster spawn

  • Updated Dadmin Jail Pos

  • Updated Hitman script

  • Updated Weapon foundry

  • Updated Admin-model for the month

  • Updated time it takes to gain a skill point

  • Updated custom class creator to fix errors in console

  • Updated Holiday Vape

    • Changed Colors

    • Changed Sounds

  • Updated Sea Monster job

    • Adjusted Bite Swep

    • Renamed job to Alligator

  • Updated Armory so more criminal jobs may use armoy lockpicks

  • Updated MOTD

  • Added Weed Version 1 to the server can be access via the Weed Grower Job

  • Added special rifle ammo

  • Added vending machines around the map that sell special TFA weapons

  • Added vending machines to drug dealers for them to sell their product quickly

  • Added Contraband locker to PD

  • Added Armory lockpick to small arms vending machine

  • Added new logging system for staff

  • Added Hitmarkers

  • Added Holiday Vape to default weapons

  • Added Refund script for server crashes / restarts

  • Added Automod which allows passengers in vehicles

    • Passenger must get in first and press the key 2 on the keyboard to switch the passenger seat

  • Added Jeep to car dealer

  • Added Airboat to boat dealer

  • Added Asiimov to credit store

  • Added night time sky for the remainder of the month

  • Added dual infinity to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Balrog to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Lego M4a1 to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Silenced Lego Shotgun to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Divine Flintlock to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Deagle White Gold to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Water gun to credit and permanent weapons tab

  • Added Advert Boards to the server

  • Added Slot machines in casino

  • Added 10+ Trails to the store

  • Added Additional Delivery locations ( They will lead to vending machines and give 50-100k depending on the location )

  • Increased Numbers of players that can be in 1 faction

    • 10 for each upgrade

  • Increased size of angry midget

  • Increased default walk and run speed

  • Reduced cost of permanent AWP Asiimov

  • Reduced armory lockpick cooldown to 10 seconds from 60 seconds

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