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DarkRP Patch Notes 5.6


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DarkRP 5.6 Patch Notes

  • Fixed Savitar Model

  • Fixed Pro Hitman Model

  • Fixed Go Kart Models

  • Fixed Quad Models

  • Fixed Osama Model

  • Fixed Citizen Model

  • Fixed Warframe Models

  • Fixed Pay Day Crew Models

  • Fixed Reverse Flash Model

  • Fixed Angry Midget Model

  • Fixed Flash Model

  • Fixed Vaulk Models

  • Fixed Halo 3 Sweps not downloading

  • Fixed Casino Machines

  • Fixed players be unable to steal money from bitminers

  • Added RvB Jobs

    • Red V Blue jobs can KOS each other on sight using the weapons they are provided on the job

      • SMG, Magnum, AR, Sniper, Shotgun, Blue / Red Flag

    • Each Leader spawns with their respective flag that they can proudly place in their base or use as a weapon

    • Each Member of Red V Blue can spawn shipments of snipers and buy ammo for the guns they spawn with

  • Added Bodygroupr

  • Removed Gimp from Halo 3 Sweps


Rule Updates
1. Solo Raiders must advert over after the raid has completed
2. Removed Terrorist being required to use the weapons they spawn with to terror ( You can now use any weapon that you want. )

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