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DarkRP Patch Notes 5.9


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DarkRP 5.9 Patch Notes

  • Removed Lean until a fix is created

  • Fixed players flickering in certain conditions

  • Fixed Mining

  • Fixed Factions capture points

  • Fixed Elegant Printers

  • Removed workshop playermodels

    • Police Models have been changed to default half life models to prevent server hang time and reduce download size.

    • Kidnapper model has been replaced with the default half life model

    • Stonks model has been removed and replaced with G Man VIP model

    • Reverted Alien model to reduce download size

    • Reverted Citizen models to reduce download size

    • Reverted Combat Medic to reduce download size

    • Changed Supplier model to half life model to reduce download size

    • Removed Content Pack 7 and replaced with reduced pack without any useless addons inside

    • Removed Magic

    • Removed Pills

  • Added Blues ATMs

  • Remade the FastDL to improve download times for most players

  • Re-enabled kill command ( bind k kill )


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