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Pugs staff report

Pablo HankerSwitch

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Your in-game name:

Pablo HankerSwitch, But the warn was given to my friend Juan HankerSwitch and I am making a appeal for him because i was the one recording.

Staff members name:


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):


Explain what happened:

I was hanging out with my friend who was Police Flash at the time and I was Z2thecodex Just hanging out in the pd helping him defend and then this random guy walked in so Juan (my friend) Arrested him and then Pugs told him it was FailRP if he didnt also arrest me and a few moments later he warned him for FailRP I would like that the warn is removed from my friends warns

edit: He was warned a second time for FailRP not aresting me while past the second door in pd

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

Pugs saying he has to arrest me or its failrp

2nd warn

1st warn




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A cps job is to follow the rules on the law board, protect the bank, and protect the mayor if there is one. Juan was Police Flash a cp job and he was not doing his job as an officer. If you read the rule board one of the rules is that anyone past the 2nd door of the PD are AOS and because he let you stay behind there he was not doing his job. And he is not allowed to be in a party with anyone that is not a CP so what you were doing was failrp also so don't even try to use that excuse.


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He has to arrest for laws as Civil Protection. Failing to do so is corruption at best. I can understand it being FailRP, but there are better ways to handle everything. This is my thought on this situation. Also, when I asked for more evidence of when he was warned, I wanted to see if Pug brought him to a sit to deal with him, or if he was just warned. If you have pictures of that, or the lack of pictures, please tell me.

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