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DarkRP Patch Notes 6.1


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DarkRP 6.1 Patch Notes

Sorry ahead of time, we are currently going to be running major tests on DRP for the next couple days by removing addons to find out what is causing so many players to time out without error. This update is unfortunately going to be a headache for some, but I need fresh data in order to fix this issue completely.


This update is removing m9k, csgo knives, some tfa weapons, halo weapons, boomboxes, kidnap sweps, serious sam weapons, hl2 weapon packs, and vapes. If we have continue to have issues after these are removed, I will be adding them back into the server immediately and switching my target to other addons that may be causing it.


The server may be broken on launch, I am well aware of this but as I have stated before this is to gain data on the timing out issue.


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