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DarkRP 6.2 Patch Notes


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DarkRP 6.2 Patch Notes


Over the past couple days we have been testing each addon on the server to find what was causing players to time out. We have found multiple addons to be the cause and have removed them. I am pushing an update live now to fix issues on the server that were caused by removing said addons.

  • Fixed Alien playermodel

  • Fixed Angry midget playermodel

  • Fixed pCasino

  • Fixed Lean

  • Fixed Vapes

  • Fixed Mining

  • Fixed Piano

  • Fixed Gesture model

  • Fixed minecraft materials and models

  • Fixed BoomBox

  • Fixed Serious Sam weapons

  • Fixed Mayor entities

  • Fixed Care Packages

  • Fixed TFA CSO weapons

  • Fixed TFA CSO Zombie weapons

  • Fixed TFA base

  • Fixed Pvault

  • Fixed Baby Car

  • Fixed Motorcycles

  • Fixed Wheelchair

  • Fixed Scooter

  • Fixed Yacht

  • Fixed Jetski

  • Fixed Go-Karts

  • Fixed Big Glock

  • Fixed quickfix

  • Fixed Grapple

  • Fixed HL2 Melee Pack

  • Fixed Animations

  • Fixed Armory

  • Fixed Hitmarkers

  • Fixed Hitnumbers

  • Fixed M9K

  • Fixed Blowtorch models and materials

  • Fixed Libs

  • Updated Content Packs

  • Removed Distillery

  • Removed City worker job

  • Removed Jesus job

  • Removed Zero Chain advert kit

  • Buffed Terrorist job

  • Buffed Advanced Thief job

  • Buffed Amatuer weed job

  • Combined Weed NPCs

  • Gave Vape dealer the MEGA vape

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