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DarkRP 6.5 Patch Notes


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  • Developer


DarkRP 6.5 Patch Notes

  • Change Log

    • Player entities and props remain on the server for 2 minutes if they crash or combat log

    • XMAS Weapons have been added to the credit store

    • FPS should no longer be an issue for players

    • Replaced Pack a Punch with weapon upgrade NPC, you can find him next to the built-in gun store on the map

    • Factions have been replaced with bricks gang system

    • Xenin Inventory has been replaced with bricks inventory system

    • TFA Zombie Packs have been removed

    • Blowtorch has been removed

    • Airdrops has been removed

    • Halo Weapons has been removed

    • Serious Sam Weapons has been removed

    • Executioner Hitman System has been replaced with zhits

    • BH Skins has been replaced with Z Easy Skins

    • Slayer Mayor System has been replaced with /mcon

    • Weed V2 has been been removed, weed v1 is still active in the server

    • Elegant Printers has been placed with Exhibition custom printers

    • Hotwheels vehicles have been removed

    • Custom Class custom models have been removed

    • Meth V1 has been removed

      • With the removal of meth v1 custom class access to the meth addon itself have been removed for now

    • Coinflips have been replaced with bricks coinflips

      • You now have access to flip permanent knives from your inventory

    • Pvault has been replaced with bricks vault

    • Marketplace has been added for players to sell their permanent weapons on the market

    • Gang territories have been setup

      • Church and Strip club grant the most xp for being held

    • Unboxing has been replaced with bricks unboxing

      • Players have the chance of unboxing weapons that weren’t previously available, items such as the AWP Dragon Lore and AWP asiimov, I have also added events to the unboxing ( players will be able to unbox 1 hour events for gangs, printers, meth, weed etc ) 

    • Rarities have been given to all unboxing weapons

      • Relics ( Relics are for the most part permanent )

      • Uniques ( feature weapons that are normally locked or removed from players from events )

      • Rares

      • Magic Items

      • Normal items ( Normal items consist mostly of M9K weapons )

    • Gen Lab has been added to the server 

      • Mad Scientist is a kidnapper job that experiment on players with viruses

    • Re-Added Gauss Rifle

    • Re-Added Dragons Breath ( no longer sets players on fire for performance improvements )

    • Re-Added Blundergat

    • Re-Added Fate Mondrel

    • Re-Added ASMD Shock Rifle

    • Updated all custom classes and gave them access to Weed and Hits

    • Updated the current rule set

      • Rules are 90% a match to MBRPs current rule set ( this should cause less confusion when switching servers )

    • Bloods and Cripz no longer have a leader job

    • Deathscreens have been replaced by bricks deathscreens ( they feature gifs, icons, and sounds )

    • Hotbar assistant has been added

    • Xmas addon has been added to the server

    • Fixed crash issue that occurred when switching between MBRP and DRP

    • Lean has been re-added to the server and works as intended

    • Added Alchemy to magicians

    • Nextbots have been added to be used in events


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