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Halloween Update Coming October 13th!

We are releasing our Halloween update on October 13th, this will come with new jobs, new content, and new cool exclusive rewards!


DarkRP 6.5.3 Patch Notes


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  • Developer


DarkRP 6.5.3 Patch Notes

  • Change Log

    • Fixed meth being unable to be sold

    • Reduced number of police required in order to rob the pd

    • Fixed custom classes not showing up the F4 menu

    • Fixed players being unable to target vehicles with e2

    • Fixed payday jobs not spawning with their loadouts

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9 minutes ago, xd lol said:

Maybe how about instead of wasting all ur guys time by re releasing a server that has failed multiple times go focus on mbrp and add new content the server is dying

fr they prefer reviving a server that has failed too many times instead of adding new content n shit to mbrp, their best server fr

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