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12/28 MBRP Patch Notes


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12/28 MBRP Patch Notes!

  • Evil Scientist is now a Mexico locked job
  • Fixed Evil Scientist being able to inventory the injector
  • Made some other changes to Zero's Genlab
    • Removed explosions on infected corpses to prevent disease spread
    • Increased disease spread resistance from 65% to 85%
    • Respirators now last longer 
    • Disinfectant Spray now does more damage to virus nodes
    • After spraying a virus node, the node will not reappear again for 1 hour
    • Virus Hotspots now only spawn if there is an Evil Scientist active
    • Virus Hotspots now take longer to grow
    • Virus Hotspots default health was moved from 100hp->50hp
    • Overall infectivity rates for each virus have been cut in half

Thanks to @gz for the help

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