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1/1/2023 MBRP Patch Notes


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1/1/2023 MBRP Patch Notes

  • With December behind us, we introduce 2 new bundles to kick off January!
    • Fishy Bundle
    • Dart Pistol Bundle
  • We reintroduced 6 hour events.
    • Printer Event
    • Mining Event
    • Weed Event
    • Opium Event
  • Removed the Christmas stuff
  • Buffed the Christmas Bundle weapons
    • Decreased the spread of the MG36
    • Slightly increased the damage of the MG36
    • Significantly increased the damage of the M95


Info about the new bundles

Fishy Bundle

  • M9 | Lore
  • TFA Water Pistol
  • $5,000,000

Dart Pistol Bundle

  • Karambit | Fade
  • TFA Dart Pistol
  • $5,000,000



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yeah christmas bundle buffed!!!!

get me out of latin america


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