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MBRP 1/5 Patch Notes


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MBRP 1/5/2023 Patch Notes

  • The safe zones will no longer remove weapon shelves, you are still not allowed to put them in spawn!
  • Updated the gang territories -- Thanks to @gz and @Damplips!
    • Added Wreckage territory
    • Added Nuke territory
    • Added Ice Lake territory
    • Added Disease Cave territory
    • Added Old Rich territory
    • Added Railroad territory
    • Added Bodies territory
    • Renamed Smuggler to Lava
    • Renamed Cave to Bear
    • Removed Soccer territory
    • Removed Sewage territory
  • Added back the invincibility vaccine
    • Added a rule "You may not use crack, meth (and all its variants), or invincibility vaccines when participating in gang territories."
    • It also now only last 15 seconds instead of 60 seconds
  • Buffed the damage on the Lightning Big-Eye gun from the Fishy bundle
  • Fixed the errors on the Perma weapons and Credits tab in the f4 menu
  • Fixed a bug allowing people to gain money on join

Upcoming updates:

  • Gang owned doors
  • More mining/perma weapons
  • A lot more accessories
  • Custom diseases
  • A way to get around the map faster
  • Possibly fishing 👀
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