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2/4/2023 MBRP v16 Map Update


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MBRP v16 Map Update




  • Added a window that allows you to see in the base next to spawn
  • Added a second floor to the base across from American spawn
  • Made window breakable in the brick base across from American Spawn
  • Widened the corner store base outside of American Spawn
  • Expanded and added a ladder into the base right before the Canada tunnel
  • Widened one-way window in the base next to the basketball court
  • Fixed VIP decal in the casino
  • Fixed lighting on several props 
  • Basketball is now unfrozen
  • Added several American flags
  • Lowered Tank health
  • Trump tower window is now togglable
  • Increased render distance on detail props in the bank
  • Added various cover to territories
  • Added several decals for decoration
  • Optimization improvements


  • Adding a curious chirping bird to the trees
  • Remade bear cave 
  • Lowered bear health
  • The lake now does less damage


  • Removed interior walls of 3 bases in Old Rich
  • Train noises are now quieter
  • Adder various cover to territories
  • The L shaped base next to the border has been expanded and improved upon
  • Added several details to tunnels 
  • Added some trash around Mexico in places that looked bare
  • Added Mexican flags to electrical poles and outside of spawn
  • The train now activates more frequently and randomly
  • Removed railing in the base near spawn to allow for more interesting bases
  • Added a hallway connecting the outside of Mexican Spawn and the Terrorist Compound
  • Added cover around the Bodies territory
  • The base next to spawn has been expanded 
  • Added a hallway connecting the back of Church and the area outside of the El Chapo mansion
  • Added a light to the large pipe base for better visibility
  • Changed the bunker base to an actual underground bunker
  • Fixed trees not having proper self-shadowing
  • Retextured some parts of the cartel mansion
  • Soccer ball is now unfrozen
  • Added decals in the underground tunnel to improve texture transition
  • Added several decals for decoration
  • Optimization improvements
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