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PoliceRP Server Rules


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Exhibition PoliceRP Rules:

General Rules

  1. Use common sense, if you feel like you’re breaking the rules you probably are.

  2. Respect staff members and their decisions. If a rule is not specified, staff may decide what is and isn't allowed to an extent. If you feel a staff member is abusing, report them on the forums. https://www.exhibitionrp.com/forum/106-staff-reports/

  3. Under no circumstance may you harass players. This includes but is not limited to systematic targeting for raids/mugs/terrors/etc and verbal/text abuse.

  4. Scamming is not allowed. ExhibitionRP is not responsible for any issues with real currency for in-game currency transactions. 

  5. You may not sell in-game currency for real-world money or items outside of the server; EXCEPT for specific donations to the server (Ex. vip, perma weapons, etc...).

  6. Using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to macros, auto clickers, etc. This also includes the usage of the +use console command. Doing so will result in a ban.

  7. Names are to have at minimum 3 consistent English characters, as well as only being on one line. You may not have the same name or similar names as staff members.

  8. You may not use /demote while staff are online and taking sits. They MUST ALSO have a valid reason for demotion.

  9. You may not spam chat, mic spam, or play music through your microphone.

  10. Saying in chat or voice chat to “Uninstall system32, press alt+F4, etc” for a negligent purpose  is not allowed.

  11. Do not Metagame - Using OOC or outside sources against RP.

  12. Staff May KICK players who are AFK only if the server is full. Along with that, staff can kick you if you’re AFK in a sit.

  13. You cannot steal people’s daily chests.

  14. You may have your Twitch/YouTube/etc in your name/title but you may not specifically tell players to go follow/watch/etc said Twitch/YouTube/etc.

  15. Advertising/Promoting any other communities, services, websites, etc is not allowed.

  16. Baiting players into breaking rules/thinking they are in an rp situation with ooc chat or editing text colors to make them seem like adverts is not allowed

  17. Racism/Bigotry is not allowed

  18. A link to the Police Penal Codes can be found at this following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D6gb5IQDaYnT1xtaTDCvg4KRfMsdUUNxueXY_OGyujM/edit#gid=0

RP Rules

  • You need a valid RP reason to damage any player (ARDM/RDM/SSA). You may only kill someone in self-defense if they have damaged you first.

  • Do not stun-stick, arrest, deport, shoot, stab, bait, etc.. a staff member on duty. 

  • You may not use your fading door binds if you are being raided, mugged, or kidnapped.

  • If you accidentally shoot another player (Crossfire), video proof can exempt you from punishment if the on-duty admin believes that you did it on accident. 

  • Do not FailRP - Doing Roleplay situations without the actions behind them. Examples: Raiding without adverting, not waiting cooldown, running into spawn to get out of RP.

  • Do not prop minge. This includes but is not limited to blocking certain areas, throwing, climbing, pushing, killing, or overall being malicious with props. 

  • Placing entities/props/text screens in front of the exits of spawn isn't allowed. Along with that, do not abuse text screens in general.

  • All raidables need to have a clear way to be accessed. You should be able to access all raidables without using the runner swep, helium vape, etc… 

  • You may not block or trap players in your base without a valid rp reason.

  • New Life Rule - You may not return to the area of your death before 5 minutes or after a raider adverts over.

  • You may not say or leak any base codes.

  • Grace Period - the first 10 minutes after a Mayor is elected. You cannot raid the Mayors Office, along with a mug, or harm the Mayor unless attacked by him first during grace period. 

  •  You may be demoted for going AFK as a player-limited job. 

  • Selling jobs is NOT allowed

  • Party members may always defend each other when one of them is being damaged.

  • Shooting/destroying items & raidables without a valid rp reason is considered FRP. Example: Shooting a camera when not raiding, destroying printers when not raiding or stealing.

  • You may sell printers and bitminers for in-game money

  • You may not participate in any RP scenario if your player model is distorted in any way.

  • You may not put entities/props in or near spawn

  • FearRP - Act as you would in real life

    • Players must always surrender to other players’ kidnaps or mugs. 

    • Players, or groups of players, may not be put under FearRP unless they are outnumbered by the opposing group.

    • Players must have a weapon OR taser out to put somebody under FearRP.

  • The player(s) must be outnumbered when the encounter BEGINS.

  • FearRP does not apply if others in a group arrive after a fight has begun.

    • Ex: Trosa pulls a gun on Miskie, if they begin fighting and Retro and Kudaa pull up, FearRP no longer applies. 

  • If a player already has a gun out, they do not need to submit to FearRP.

    • Having a weapon on safety does NOT apply, you must have a gun off safety.

    • Having a weapon out in a vehicle does not prevent you from being placed under FearRP. 

  • If an officer has you under FearRP and goes to cuff you, you may not attempt to evade or harm the officer anymore.

  • FearRP does not apply to territory takeovers or normal base raids. Raiding that involves PD or SWAT such as a bank raid, city hall raid, PD raid, etc. are still subject to the FearRP rules. 

  • When killed by Police and revived by EMS, you must comply with police and allow them to arrest you and take you to jail. You may not interfere in the situation you died in. When revived, you may not continue combat or kill your killer, it counts as a new life. You may not assist party members still in combat with players involved in your death, even if they take damage after you are revived.

  • You may not damage a person's vehicle without a valid RP reason.

  • You may not use any actions (dancing, laughing, etc.) that would not fit during a RP situation. For instance, it is not appropriate to dance during a weapon or gun fight, while engaging in a kidnapping scene, etc.

  • You may not drive recklessly on purpose or crash into any vehicles on purpose.

Cinema Rules (Radio / Picture Frames)

  1. No Gore

  2. No X-Rated Material

  3. No Ear Rape

  4. No NSFW/Lewd Content

  5. No hate symbols


City Hall -

  • The City Hall is AOS/KOS everywhere past the lobby (this cannot be changed).

Bank - 

  • The Bank is KOS to all non-government officials/bank staff past the lobby.

Police Department -

  • The Police Department is AOS/KOS past the lobby.

  • The parking garage of the PD is AOS.

  • Police may not taser rush in a one on one situation.

Building Rules

  1. You are limited to only 3 fading doors

  2. Bases are to be inside a world base with a purchasable door. Your base may not extend past your door.

  3. You may only own one base

  4. No building on the street in any situation

  5. You may not build/edit your build in the event of you being raided

  6. Jump/Crouch bases are NOT allowed.

  7. Epilepsy, Sky, & Water bases are not allowed.

  8. Invisible props are not allowed.

  9. No-Collided bullet proof props are not allowed.

  10. No collided props that stack together to be bullet proof are not allowed

  11. You must be able to lock-pick, keypad cracker, and breaching charge through an entire base.

  12. You must be able to walk and run through an entire base.

  13. Bases are to be easy in and out, as well as simple. No maze, blackout, zigzag, or parkour bases are allowed.

  14. You may have a single 180 degree and two 90 degree turns or three 90 degree turns in a base entrance.

  15. Base entrances are to be clear, no hidden entrances/rooms are allowed.

  16. One-way viewing props are allowed. You may not shoot through them when defending from a raid.

  17. No fake keypads or buttons/switches (all keypads, buttons, etc… must have a reasonable purpose).

  18. You must actively be using a house/building you own or it will get removed.

  19. Real-world doors may not block off fading doors when breaching charged/lockpicked. 

  20. Raidables entities may not be made invisible or materialized. 

  21. Raidables must be able to be easily removed from your base (during a raid or steal).

  22. No slippery props or props that distort movement. You may also not use map terrain to alter a raiders movement.

  23. You may not have entities block the way into a base. Example: If you have a turret in the middle of the entrance into your base.

  24. You may not have one faded prop that covers multiple entrances 

  25. You may not have a base that severely ruins the frame rate of others

  26. You may not have any ramps in your base

  27. You may not place meth tents and equipment in spawn or the streets.

  28. Two floor bases are not allowed

  29. No slow ladders allowed (ladders that are used to intentionally slow down a raider)

  30. Roof bases are not allowed

  31. Genovese's may build a base behind this line. The base may not have any ladders going onto the rooftop. 

Building Sign -

  • You may place a building sign to prevent players from raiding you, however, you may not have raidables when a building sign is up.

  • Building signs must be size 100 and visible.

  • The City Hall, Police Department, and Bank may not have a building sign at any time.

  • You may not have a KOS sign-up with a Building sign.

KOS Sign -

  • You do not need a KOS sign to kill someone in your base.

  • KOS Signs advise other players where your property line is. Ramps, stairs, or alleyways are REQUIRED to have KOS signs.

  • KOS signs may only affect your property and must be very clear on what makes them KOS. Example: KOS if inside, have a gun out, lock picking, etc...

  • No KOS if loitering, if unwanted, annoying, if knocking on doors and if messing with keypad, or any signs that fall under or around these categories.

  • KOS signs must be size 50+ and visible on the outside of your base. 

  • You may not make any public property or sidewalk KOS unless your job allows you to build on the sidewalk (excluding hobos).

  • You may not have a Building sign-up with a KOS sign.

  • You need to be added to the base door to enforce a KOS sign.

  • If you have a public business I.E a gun shop you need a KOS sign to kill anyone inside. 

  • You need to own the base door to enforce a KOS Sign.

  • You must own the first world door of a base that a player travels through in order to enforce KOS in said base.

  • KOS signs need to be default font (Coolvetica outlined)

Fading Doors & Windows -

  • Fading doors need to be equal to or bigger than the size of a 2x2x2 cube (cube05x05x05.mdl / https://prnt.sc/t42n9z).

  • Fading doors must stand out from their surroundings (different colors and/or materials).

  • All fading doors need to be spaced at least 3 player widths apart.

  • Each fading door needs keypads next to it, on both sides. The keypads must have a minimum 5 second timer. 

  • Each fading window needs at least one button or switches next to it to open and close it.

  • You may not place a no-collided prop in or near a fading door.

  • Normal bases may each have a maximum of 3 fading doors and 2 fading windows, human traffickers may have one extra fading door for cages.

Hobos - 

  • Hobos are only allowed to build shacks on the sidewalk, but you may not build swastikas' or anti-gay flags.

  • If a hobo shack is obscenely large it may/will be removed

  • Hobos are only allowed to have 1 fading door. This fading door must have a button on both sides or a payable keypad that only costs 1 dollar that is on both sides.

  • Hobos may not have a building or KOS sign.


  • Merchants include any job that sells/gives out items. Some of them are gun dealers, vape dealers etc…

  • Merchants must base in a shop

  • If a shop is obscenely large it may/will be removed

  • Merchants may not self-supply.

  • All weapon/item shelves may not have any other props colliding into them (no fake weapons)

City Hall-

  • Only the Mayor and Police may base in the City Hall.

  • The City Hall may have a maximum of 4 fading doors and 2 windows.

  • The City Hall may not have any KOS signs, as it already has a designated KOS area.

  • The front doors to the City Hall may not be locked.

  • No entrances to the City Hall may be blocked off except for the balcony door.

Bank - 

  • The Bank Manager is the only one allowed to build inside the bank.

  • The bank may have a maximum of 4 fading doors and 2 fading windows. 

  • The bank may not make the Lobby KOS for being inside it, there must be a valid reason for it. Example: KOS in Lobby if guns out, raiding, etc

  • The bank manager is allowed to build in the vault but may not block off access to the vaults for robbing.

Adverts & Actions Guidelines

  1. You must advertise your actions (kidnap, raid, CH raid, mug, weapon check, etc). “/advert (message)”

  2. You may not stack binds (no universal binds). If you have a comma or slash in your advert, it is most likely not allowed.

  3. Adverts must be clear in their purpose.

  4. Adverts can not be in white, pink, grey, or black text.

  5. You must advert “over” when done with any action.

Adverts -

  • Normal Base:  “Raid”

  • City Hall:  “CH Raid”

  • Bank:  “Bank Raid”

  • Police Department: "PD Raid"

  • Nightclub:  “Nightclub Raid” 

  • Bar: "Bar Raid"

  • Store: "Store Raid"

  • Assist: “Assist”

  • Carjack: "Carjack"

  • Terrors:  “Terror” (Terrorist  jobs Only)

  • Murders:  “Murder” (Serial Killer Only)

  • Kidnaps: “Kidnap” (Cult jobs Only)

Raids -

  • Raids may only last 10 minutes.  

  • Raids must be started directly outside of the base/building you intend to raid.

  • You may not raid a base from inside another base.

  • When raiding, you are KOS to the base owners and those who wish to counter you, They are also KOS to you.

  • When in a party, or with a group of people only one person needs to advert “Party Raid.

  • You may not leave in the middle of a raid and come back later without adverting again.

  • You may advert “false” if the base you are raiding is a fail base. Although you still need to wait for the cooldown.

  • Raiding has a 10 minute cooldown for different bases 20 minutes for the same base

  • You must wait 15 minutes before calling another priority raid (PD, Bank, City Hall, General Store, Jewelry Store)

Assists -

  • You may only assist in raids and gang takeovers.

  • When the initial raider adverts the raid to be “over,” you have 30 seconds to end your assist.

  • You must follow the raid cooldowns when assisting.

  • You may only have 3 people assisting an rp scenario (Ex: Raiding, territory takeover) at a time. You can hire people on Mercenary job for extra assistance.

Mugs -

  • You must advert “mug.”

  • You must be in front of the person you are mugging, within 10 cubes.

  • Mugs must last a minimum of 10 seconds, and a maximum of 15 seconds.

  • The max mug limit is 15k.

  • You may not mug AFK players or hobos.

  • If a player gives equally to or over the amount of money you request you may not kill them

  • You must follow all the rules of FearRP


Carjacks -

  • You must advert “Carjack.”

  • You cannot carjack vehicles that have just been spawned in at any of the dealers

  • You must follow all the rules of FearRP

  • You cannot steal emergency vehicles

Counters -

  • You may advert “counter” to stop anyone from doing an illegal activity. 

  • The Citizen and Miner job may not advert counter.

  • When countering, you are KOS to the person that you are countering. They are also KOS to you.

  • You may not counter someone who is mugging you

  • When countering a gang takeover you must advert Counter.

  • You cannot counter an arrest.

Steals -

  • You must advert “steal.”

  • You may only steal one raidable per advert.

  • You are KOS to the victim being stolen from. They are not KOS to you until they do damage to you first.

Gang Territory Takeovers -

  • You may advert “false” if you would like to cancel a gang takeover. Although you still need to wait for the cooldown. 

  • You must advert “[Your Gang] takes over [Territory].” Although you may use your gang’s initials when you advert. Example: “/advert T2 (Test2) takes over barn."

  • If whoever starts to claim the territory dies the whole takeover is over

  • A takeover may last for a maximum of 7 minutes.

  • Police and EMS members may not take territories.

  • Only jobs in the criminal and gang category may take territories.

Warns -

  • You must advert "warn" 3 times. (Example: "/advert Go away, warn 1/2/3")

  • You may warn someone when they are bothering you or too close.

  • You can not warn someone just to kill them or if they are unable to move.

  • You must stop warning/shooting if the warned person starts to move away.

  • Your warns last for 30 seconds. If the warned person goes away and comes back within 30 seconds, you may still kill them.


Store raids-

  • You may kos anyone inside the shop, must be called outside the shop

  • May only last 5 minutes


Genovese Hideout -

  • You may kill anyone in the hideout.

  • You are KOS to all Genovese members.

  • May only last 10 minutes.

 Nightclub raids-

  • You may kos anyone inside the nightclub, must be called outside the nightclub

  • May only last 5 minutes

 Bar raids-

  • You may kos anyone inside the bar, must be called outside the bar

  • May only last 5 minutes

City Hall raids-

  • You must advert outside of City Hall.

  • Anyone in the City Hall including the lobby is KOS.

  • You must advert over after you get handcuffed or get killed

  • May only last a max of 10 minutes.

PD raids-

  • You must advert outside of PD

  • Anyone in the PD is KOS

  • You must advert over after you get handcuffed or get killed

  • May only last a max of 10 minutes.

  • Cops may not go inside of PD after being killed in a PD raid


Raids -

  • 10 minutes for different bases.

  • 20 minutes for the same base.

  • 30 minute cooldown for raiding the CH, Bank, PD, Store, and Nightclub. 15 minute to raid seperate ones (going from PD to Store)

Lockdown -

  • You may have a lockdown once every 10 minutes. 

  • Lockdowns may last 5 minutes.

Mugs -

  • 10 minutes between mugging different people.

  • 20 minutes between mugging the same person.

Counters -

  • 3 minutes between counters.

Steals -

  • 10 minutes between stealing from different people.

  • 20 minutes between stealing from the same person.

Kidnaps -

  • 10 minutes between using the baton to knock different people out.

  • 20 minutes between using the baton to knock the same person out.

Terrors -

  • 15 minutes between terrors.

Genovese Hideout -

  • There is a 15 minute cooldown for raiding the hideout.

Car Bombing -

  • 10 minutes between car bombing.

Murders -

  • 10 minutes between murdering different people.

  • 20 minutes between murdering the same person.

Carjacks -

  • 10 minutes between carjacking different people.

  • 20 minutes between carjacking the same person.

Gang Territory Takeovers -

  • 5 minute cooldown between taking over another territory; this applies to the whole gang.

Placing Hits -

  • 1 minute between placing hits on different people.

  • 5 minutes between placing hits on the same person.

(If a cooldown is not specified, there is a 10 minute cooldown between the actions.)

Government Official Guidelines

Mayor -

  1. You may only base in the City Hall.

  2. Lockdowns may only be made during a City Hall Raid or terror

  3. You may be demoted for having any laws that break server rules.

  4. You may not stay in safe zones.


  • All laws must have a valid reason behind them; they may not break any server rule.

  • No laws that are KOS, un-RPable, or restrict speech.  (Example: KOS if guns out, Jaywalking is illegal, etc…)

  • No laws that go against the default laws.

  • Making weed legal is allowed.

  • Laws may not be targeted at a specific person or job.

  • Laws may not exempt specific people from following them.

  • Laws that create a mass amount of arrests or issues may be requested to be removed, as it may lead to a lot of sits and issues for the staff team.

  • Laws may not force players to pay the government in any way, shape, or form. The only exclusions for this would be weapon licenses.

  • Bank Staff are immune to weapon and money printer laws. However, for the printer immunity to be in effect said printer must be stored in the bank.


Bank Manager & Guards

  • You may only base in the bank.

  • Bank staff may not let anyone raid the bank or sell money bags.

  • Bank staff may not hire personal guards/citizens/etc to guard the bank.

  • Government officials should always be allowed inside the bank during raids.

  • The bank may legally store printers and bitminers.

Money Printers and Bitminers:

  • The Bank may legally store money printers & bitminers.

  • A Bank Manager must be present to store a printer/bitminer.

  • Maximum Printer Fee - $35,000 Per Printer & No Withdraw Fee

  • Maximum Bitcoin Fee - $35,000 Per Miner & 20% Withdraw Fee

  • Lying about the money collected is considered scamming and may result in a ban.


  • Hobos may not own any property or build on roofs.

  • Hobos are allowed to build shacks on the sidewalks or build together with other hobos to make a hobo community.

  • Hobos may not have any raidables.

  • Hobos are only allowed to use pistols and melee weapons.


  • You must take hits through the “!hits” menu for them to be valid.

  • You may not ask/tell people to put hits on specific people. 

  • You may not take hits against yourself, or hits that you placed.

  • Hitmen may only raid to kill their target. You must advert “Hit Raid.” You must leave once you have killed your target or you have died.

  • If you die and fail the hit, you must wait a 10 minute cooldown before you can take that hit again.

Tow Truck Driver

  • As tow truck driver you can take calls and tow vehicles.

  • You may not tow emergency vehicles.

  • Only fine/tow vehicles that are improperly parked.

  • When towing a vehicle you can only take it to the impound lot.

  • You may not block off the Vehicle Repair NPC or put any paywall on it either.

  • You have a wrench that you can use to repair other players vehicles (Max you can charge for repairs is $5,000).

Cult Leader and Cult Member

  • The baton's only purpose is to knock people out.

  • You can not kidnap AFK players.

  • Kidnapped victims are to be sold for their freedom, not as slaves.

  • Maximum Freedom Fee - $10,000 

  • Maximum Freedom Fee for a Government Official - $25,000

  • You may only keep someone kidnapped for 10 minutes if they refuse to pay.

  • You may not kidnap someone and throw them in a death pit

  • You must knock someone out within 10 seconds of adverting, if you fail to do so you must advert over.

  • You  must advert kidnap


  • You may build cages in the church (You are allowed a max of 3)

  • Your cage must be fully see-through from the inside and out. 

  • There must be a normal fading door on the side, no drop cages where the door is the roof.

  • There must be a keypad on the inside and outside.

  • You may only put victims in your own cage.

Terrorists jobs

  • You must advert “terror.”

  • Terrors can only last 30 SECONDS.

  • You may not commit terrors on other terrorists. 

  • During a terror, the terrorist is KOS to all government jobs.

  • You must advert "car bombing" prior to placing a car bomb. 

Serial Killer

  • You must advert “murder.”

  • You may not murder the mayor.

  • You have 30 seconds to kill one person from the time you advert murder.


  • Mercenaries must be hired to assist a raid/territory takeover.

  • Mercenaries may not call their own raids/takeovers; only assist.

  • Maximum Raid Fee - $25,000, Maximum Territory fee - $10,000

  • You must advert who you are hired by when assisting / raiding. (Example: /advert Assist, hired by Trosa)

  • Mercenaries do not have to follow normal cooldown requirements for assisting raids on different bases but must want 10 minutes on the same base. (includes WH/BANK)

  • Mercenaries must follow normal cooldown rules for territory takeovers

Nightclub Jobs

  • You may only base in the nightclub.

  • You may set up paywalls to get into the vip rooms (Maximum Fee: $10,000).

  • You may only set up Casino Machines in the Nightclub.

  • You can set up machines in the VIP Area as long as 3 Machines are made available to the public.

  • Nightclub jobs may put down raidables in the nightclub.

Bar Manager

  • You may only base in the bar

  • As Bar Manager you manage the bar and the fightclub below it

  • Anyone can be recruited as a fighter as long as they consent

  • You may have other players place bets for the fight (The maximum bet that they can place is $10,000

Gang Jobs

  • Gang jobs include all the jobs in the gang category (Grove, Ballas, Bloods, and Crips)

  • Each gang is KOS to their respective rival (Grove vs Ballas, Bloods vs Crips).

  • Gang jobs may raid together. One member of each gang has to advert with the gang name (Ex: /advert Ballas Raid)


  • You may not build around a rock

  • You may not base/own a base

  • You may not own raidables 


  • As EMS in a raid you may revive Police Officers, but you must wait 2 minutes before reviving the same Police Officer.

  • You may not revive players who have died within the KOS range of an ACTIVE gang takeover or raid. You may revive them when the takeover is complete. The only exception is if police have called for EMS.


  • Police must have probable cause to weapon check someone.

    • Probable cause is when you are visibly seen doing something illegal by an officer.

  • Police must have a warrant prior to raiding a player.

Genovese Family

  • As Genovese, you do not use your personal car. Only use Genovese cars at the Genovese Car Spawner.

  • Do not attack other Genovese members even if they are messing around killing others or not following orders. Report them to higher ups and contact a staff member if they are breaking rules.

  • Listen to the Mob Boss at all times if you feel the Mob Boss is going against server rules report them to a staff member or server management.

  • Do not leak information to the any non crime member. As Genovese, you must always have your families back no matter the situation.

  • As Genovese you will have a 10 minute cooldown on priority raids and 20 minute cooldown on the same raid.

  • You may put raidables in the Genovese Hideout.

  • You may also put raidables in the nightclub.

  • You may not base anywhere except the hideout and nightclub. The only exception is if the Supplier wants to have a store they may make a store without any raidables.

  • You may only put fading doors to block off a room in the nightclub not a large portion. For example you may use a fading door to block the office, but not the entrance.

  • There can only be a max of 6 Genovese in a raid. This includes priority raids such as bank raids and pd raids.

Gang Territories

  1. There is no limit to the number of territories one gang can have.

  2. Territories are not bases, they should not have raidables, fading doors, or one-way props. 

  3. You must advert when taking over a territory. “/advert [gang name] takes over [territory name]”

  4. Party members may not assist or defend other party members that are in a different gang during takeovers unless they have an alliance.

  5. When taking over, anyone inside the territory is KOS.

  6. You must be next to/inside the territory when calling the takeover.

  7. To defend a territory during a takeover, you must first advert “counter.” You must be within render distance of the territory unscoped to advert counter. 

  8. If you die at a territory during a takeover, you can not return for 3 minutes.

  9. To make your territory KOS to all others, you must have 1 KOS sign that is vibrant to the background and is a minimum of 100 size.

  10. A party member may not defend you in a takeover, all members opposing a takeover must advert counter, and all members taking a territory must advert assist.

  11. If the person who hits E on the territory dies the takeover is over, the person who adverts does not have to be the one who clicks e on the territory, it can be anyone in your gang.

  12. KOS signs do not apply during takeovers.

  13. You may not participate in any part of a gang territory while inside a base or building (unless said territory is in the building)

  14. You may not use any items that increase mobility to take/counter territories (ex: meth, crack).

Territory KOS Areas (Click on the territories to see images)










Rooftop #1

Rooftop #2

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