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3/25 PRP Update Log


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3/25 PRP Update Log

  • Lowered store robbery reward to 75000.

  • Buffed Printers.

  • Fixed Arrest bug with the Probationary Officer.

  • Added a Standard Issue Glock to EMS Directors.

  • Added a console to make police easier to use.

  • Added a USP 40 to Hitman.

  • Gave Advanced Thief the Silverballer instead of the AK-47.

  • Added a 2 hour playtime requirement to Tow Truck Driver.

  • Patched a server crashing exploit

  • Decreased Tick Rate to 18 to help with the lag

  • Added some lag prevention for the prop protection

  • Mayor bug is now fixed

  • Added the jewelry bag and phone to the F4 menu for jobs who can raid the Jewelry Store.

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