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3/27 PRP Update Log


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3/26 PRP Update Log

  • Camera Repairer is now in the citizens category.

  • You may no longer spawn in the camera or screen from the camera repairer entities menu.

  • Bar Manager has access to the Bar Addon from the Nightclub jobs.

  • Removed the door alarm from the f4 menu.

  • Counterfeiter now gets a OnePrint Printer instead of an extra Exhibition Printer.

  • Unarrest bug is now fixed.

  • The Bail NPC was fixed and is now functional.

  • The required pins for bank raids have been moved from 5 > 4.

  • Bank cooldown has been moved from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

  • You now get 2-3 shipments from Police armory raids (instead of 1-3).

  • Armory cooldown has been moved from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

  • Added the follow guns to the Armory rewards

  • Saiga-12k

  • Serbu Shorty

  • Glock 18

  • Makarov

  • MP5

  • HK Ump

  • FN-Scar

  • HK416

  • AWM

  • Fixed the taser giving more health/armor than the player had before.

  • Added the ability for all gang jobs to be able to raid the general store, the bank, and the armory.

  • Fixed the car dealer's showcase, printer, and invoices from not being able to be physgunned.

  • Fixed a bug where Pro Hitman couldn't access the hits menu.

  • Fixed the probationary officers not being able to fine people or create reports in the computer.

  • Fixed Mayor not counting on the government counter for City Fund raids.

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