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Best Gaming Setup


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7/2/2019 Update - Updates - Exhibition

Best Gaming Setup Competition


How to participate: It's simple! Post a picture below of your gaming setup and win up to 4000 credits in the credit store! Be sure to read the rules before posting!




* You may only have one submission


* You must have a form of identification in your picture, IE a piece of paper clearly readable that says your forums name and date 


* Must be your setup


* Any fake pictures will result in an immediate disqualification 


* Specs do not matter, it is purely judged on visuals


* Be extra careful when posting, don't doxx yourself.




 1. Trosa

2. Kudaa

3. Dick McFrenchfry



1st Place

4000 credits on the credit store


2nd Place

2000 credits on the credit store


3rd Place

1000 on the credit store



Contest ends FRIDAY 4/7/23

Winners will be announced SATURDAY 4/8/23 



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