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4/8 PRP Update Log


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4/8 PRP Update Log

  • Removed time requirement for Police Cadet.

  • All jobs that come with a gun (gang jobs, hitman, etc.) now spawn in with 20 rounds of ammo for that gun. 

  • Mayor and EMS Director spawn with a Silverballer.

  • Bank Manager and Bank Security spawn with a Glock 17.

  • Battering Ram no longer unfreezes props.

  • Removed Zero's Advert Kit.

  • Increased the price of bail.

  • Nightclub:

    • Nightclub employee now has more entities that they can spawn to create a better nightclub (Nightclub Owner has access to all entities).

    • All player ranks have the same limits in terms of what they can use with the controller.

    • The Nightclub also acts as a full base for the employee and the owner.

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