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4/10 Update Log


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4/10 Update Log

  • Fixed the Nightclub Door Group.
  • Heavily increased the price of bail.
  • The SVD, L85A2, FN FAL, M16A4, Serbu Shorty, Masada ACR, and M249 are now only able to be spawned in by the Black Market Dealer.
  • Added G2 Contender, HK XM8, and MP 412 REX to mining.
  • Mayor can no longer withdraw money from the vault.
  • Mayor can deposit a maximum of $250,000 in the vault.
  • Cuffs are no longer confiscated by the weapon checker.


Planned Updates:

  • New EMS Vehicles
  • SWAT Division
  • Mafia jobs 
  • And many more ideas in the works 👀
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