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Haze_of_dream's Staff Application

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Your Username:


Your SteamID:


Your Discord Name and #:

Haze_of_dream, 9599

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:

In two forms, Once I got banned for MassRDM since my config decided to unbind my terror bind for whatever reason It felt like (I've seen this happen often, sometimes forgetting the bind)

Another Instance is 19 warns, Which considering how long I've been playing (Over the span of a month) and considering that rules do take time to learn in between servers. and for the simple fact that in order have fun, you need to take risk, often associated with me playing PD alot.

Your Age:


Your Timezone:

(UTC-06:00) Central Time Zone

Time Played:

I know I have the 48 hour minimum, But I'd say atleast 5+ days clocked total.

Staffing Experience (Optional):

Icefuse Networks - Senior Moderator (x3)

Real Nigga's Gaming - Trial Moderator

Garry's Box (Shutdown) - Administrator

SneakyGamingRP (Shutdown) - Developer

My Private Server - Owner

Why should you be accepted to the staff team?:

Read Staffing experience, That's alot of staff history compared to others, Not including being accepted 3 times into Icefuse alone so I definetely know the staff mindset and have a general/advanced knowledge of administration utilities, Either Public like ULX or private like the one Icefuse runs. Here's the kicker, People would be right if they said I had an attitude, But I only give attitude when people blatantly break rules without care or don't use common sense. Some people might also say I'm not fit do to this attitude. you'd be partially right, The thing is that I drown this attitude once i apply and get accepted, That's why I have such a long period of staffing experience, I'm fit for the job, It's the problem that Initially makes me seem like an Issue, I'm going to refer to Icefuse again. I had a user named Rye. He was the COL  of my branch (USMC) and was the elite administrator while at the time I was a Senior moderator, after he switched to CityRP (Now DarkRP) he did admit to me simply that despite not liking me, I was a pretty good staff member, Their I was also recommended for a promotion from a User that would later be the Division Director (Lowest Executive Rank Their). So i got that attitude and job down.

I'm volunteering my time for this Job, That's responsibility. I'm also applying because I can believe I can help, I know that sounds Cliche but It's true, the staff has definetely dwindled in numbers and I've seen more staff complaints than ever since I joined the server. I'd like to fix that, I have the history and potential attitude to not make that the case, This job is not for those who believe It's a quick power-grab, It's those who believe they can better the server and volunteer their time and ultimately their dedication to make that a possibility. That's what Staff means.

Additional Info (Optional):

I will not be enabling reply notices on this, If you Inquire of something from me, Private Message me on the forums. Most of my Ideas and thoughts are explained above.

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-Very bad temper in sits

-Although he knows the rules well, he can be very arrogant and tends to argue with staff members based on their verdict.

-Had a few (not major) issues with this player

-I feel that this player would lose his temper sometimes in sits, and that makes us as the staff team look.. Unprofessional.

My Overall Opinion on the Application/Player

    This player is VERY active in the community and on the server, although I personally have never seen him in a discord channel. He has been a part of the community for a very long time, and that shows dedication, which is fairly rare in the Garry's Mod community. I strongly disagree with this player being staff for the few simple reasons stated above. I think that if this player works on his temper in sits and whilst RP'ing as well, he would make a great staff member. For the temper alone, I do not think that his player would make a great staff member.

As always,

Have a Nice Day!



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26 minutes ago, Kegster said:

This application should be automatically denied as he is still staff on his "elite" private server.

Private server means It's only for me lmao That's not the qualification of being staff on a different server, Infact I only use the server when I need building time as my single player crashes everytime.

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