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4/29 Update Log


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4/29 Update Log


  • Replaced Weed V1 with Weed V2.

  • Fixed Opium Event.

  • Added a feature to the Police Finebook to allow them to call for a Tow Truck.

  • Fixed the bug where grenades go through walls and doors.

  • Reduced the metal price in the Weapon Foundry.

  • Added buyable events in the Credit Store.

  • Added the custom buyable physgun colors to the F4 menu.

  • Added a job blacklist system.

  • Buffed the Counterfeiter Printer.

  • Disabled restocking grenades from ammo crates.

  • Patched the exploit with Chop Shop.


  •  Weapon Adjustments:

    • Spas 12:

      • Increased fire rate.

      • Reduced recoil

      • Balanced damage

    • Double Barrel:

      • Reduced recoil

      • Balanced damage

    • USAS:

      • Increased recoil

      • Increased fire rate

    • 1887 Winchester:

      • Increased fire rate

      • Reduced damage

      • Fixed ammo type

    • ACR:

      • Reduced fire rate

      • Reduced recoil

      • Adjusted iron sights

    • MP5

      • Adjusted iron sights

    • Striker 12

      • Reduced recoil

      • Reduced fire rate

  • Placed an additional mugger on the map

  • Reduced Meth filter time.

  • Buffed Moonshine.

    • Increased minimum buy rate

    • Reduced refresh rate

  • Added speed swep to runner job.

  • Renamed Pro Medic to Armory Medic

    • Increased slots to 4.

    • No longer needs a party in order to raid.

    • Can purchase ammo crates.

    • Added AS VAL.

  • Added Police Baton.

  • Updated Admin Panel, now has the option to unban players from jobs.

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