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5/1 PRP Update Log


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5/1 PRP Update Log

  • Staff in adminmode can no longer be tazed or arrested.

  • Removed Card Reader from the F4 Menu.

  • Removed Vehicle Alarms from the F4 Menu.

  • Moved the Donator Printer and Counterfeiter Printer to the same category in the F4 menu.

  • You can now equip nitrous on all of the Police and SWAT vehicles.

  • Fixed bug with Chemical Fiend where they don't have access to all of the weed entities.

  • Weapon Adjustments:

    • Buffed USP .40 Damage.

    • Increased MP9 Recoil.

    • Increased Barret M98 Damage.

  • Added new Go-Kart timed sale package.

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