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5/6 PRP Update Log


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5/6 PRP Update Log

  • Added more entities to the SWAT Detector.

  • Fixed missing textures on accessories and FPS booster pop up.

  • Added a groupchat for Terrorist jobs.

    • Hit U or do /g (message) to use it

  • Shipment Price Adjustments:

    • ATM Hacker has been increased to $25,000

    • HK MP5 has been increased to $25,000

    • Frag Grenade has been increased to $150,000

    • Smoke Grenade has been increased to $125,000

    • G3A3 has been increased to $55,000

    • AK-47 has been reduced to $45,000

    • Deagle has been reduced to $28,000

    • Five Seven has been reduced to $7,500

    • M1911 has been reduced to $5,000

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