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Exhibition Sticker Contest


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Exhibition Sticker Contest


How to participate: It's simple! Post a picture of a sticker that you want on our Discord. The picture must follow all the guidelines provided below




* You are allowed up to two submission make sure these submissions are in separate comments


* Submissions cannot be offensive, break Discord TOS, contain any slurs or an extreme amount of profanity. 


* The max file size is 500KB | Must be PNG or APNG | Dimensions: 320 x 320


How would the winners be decided?:

The winners will be decided by how many reactions the post gets. The top 3 posts will be added to the Discord.


Contest ends SATURDAY 5/13/23

Winners will be announced SUNDAY 5/14/23 





Example Sticker:



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Thanks to everyone who participated

The winners are:

1st Place: Teh Epic Frog (Mike sticker)

2nd Place: Perk (Miskie sticker)

3rd Place: Perk (BigMonkey Sticker)

All of these stickers will be added shortly

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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