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5/20 PRP Update Log


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5/20 PRP Update Log

  • Added a Crime Family to PRP.

    • The Genovese Crime Family has been added. This will be an organized crime unit that is whitelist/invite only if you want to join you can ask an Enforcer+ ingame.

    • The Crime Family will have its main ranks along with some speciality ranks. These Specialty ranks include:

      • Specialist: A boosted raiding class that has an improved lockpick and loadout from your typical criminal class.

      • Supplier: Has all of the Gun Dealer, Black Market Dealer, Vape Dealer, and Drug Dealer shipments along with access to the foundry table. It also features many exclusive shipments such as door barricades, riot shields, carbombs, and many more shipments.

      • Hitman: This will be a specialized hitman class that can take hits and takes direct orders from the leaders of the Mob on who to kill. They will feature an improved loadout from your typical hitman class.

      • Infiltrator: An undercover class that can disguise as another job on the server. This can be used to infiltrate police operations or just as a general disguise.

  • Added Disguise Briefcase to Internal Affairs.

    • The Disguise Briefcase is very simple to use. You will left click with it out pick a player to disguise as and anytime you want to undisguise type in !undisguise in chat and you will go back to your normal playermodel.

  • Lumina Designer (the nightclub jobs) salary and earnings from shows have been buffed.

  • Buffed the amount of money you get from each cocaine pack.

  • Buffed the amount of money you get from trashman.

  • Buffed the amount of money you gain from a printer.

  • Buffed the donator boost on trashman.

  • Replaced the UMP .45 on the Master Thief job with HK416.

  • Raid bags will now clear every hour instead of every other hour.

  • Added Half Life 2 Jeep to donator car dealer.

  • Weapon Adjustments:

    • HK416:

      • Increased damage.

      • Increased recoil.

    • UMP .45:

      • IncreasedΒ damage.

    • M4 Super 90:

      • Increased recoil.

      • Decreased the amount of bullets per shot.

      • Decreased damage.

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