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[Zeros Gold Digger]

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Yes I'm posting this in general discussion  since i cant post on the suggestions section  😭

Which server/platform is this suggestion for? (Forums/Discord/Rust/MBRP/PRP)

A: My favorite server mbrp ❤️



Name of Suggestion:

A: Add Zeros gold digger



Helpful Link(s):




Suggestion Description:

A: it's pretty much a gold digger



Why should we add this?

A: Since Canada has a pretty big  lake it would be pretty cool to see this addon being used its really a unique addon and would be a cool addition to see on mbrp




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I suggested this a bit ago in a meeting and was ultimately denied.
I guess there is no purpose for this according to management half a year ago, however they have been adding a lot more recently and I think this would personally be amazing.

+ Support

Shove it on the Mining Job or give it a special one and have it be based in Mexico (If this is for MBRP) 

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