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5/26 Big MBRP Update


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5/26 Big MBRP Update

  • Updated the UI on a bunch of addons for a more uniform fit
    • Deathscreens
    • Accessories
    • Animation Store
    • Gang System
    • Closet
    • Coinflips
    • Mining
    • Rewards
  • Updated the weapon hot bar
    • Changed the sounds
    • Changed color slightly
    • Adjusted the smoothness of switching weapons
  • Updated the hud options in the f4 menu settings
    • Can now choose between some new hud options
  • Updated event mode for event team
    • Now shows if a player is in event mode
  • Added a new !taunts system
    • Basically a soundboard system
  • Finally added back fishing
  • Added /emotes to the server
    • Will be getting more emotes in the future
  • Added new pets system
    • Pets will stay with you until they die
  • Optimizations put in place for high player count for better
    • At 65+ players it removes laggy functions to improve fps
  • New mining weapons
    • Falcon 2
    • Akimbo FMG9
  • Updated banking system
    • New models
    • New vaults (future)
  • Optimized base sandbox entities
  • Updated Billys keypads
    • Fixed exploit causing players to crash
    • Fixed GetObject error
  • Updated daily chests
    • Fixed model blocking player movement
  • Updated Opium
    • You can now once again inventory opium packs
  • Updated Police Armory
    • Removed CSS model
  • Updated Passport NPC
    • Removed CSS model
  • Removed hit logs from plogs
  • Updated the save location of daily credits
  • Buffed Cocaine
    • Decreased time it takes
    • Increased profit
  • Buffed the Mauser C96
  • Possible new rank coming soonΒ πŸ‘€
    • More updates on this coming soon
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