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dr captain dick destroyer report number 2


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Your in-game name:

Eric Fernadez

Users IGN:

dr captain dick destroyer

Users SteamID 64: (http://steamidfinder.com/)


Explain what happened:

So yesterday I meant to make these lol. But there is two things he did to me. Both were RDA (I think that's for false arresting). The first time some guy shot him and I was gonna go into Mexico and he asks "Did you shoot me?" and I told him no I only have pythons and a po8 luger he then just out of the blue arrests me no reason. Second time he asked me "what you think of my hats" somethin like that and I said as a joke "makes you look like my little bitch boy" and he just arrested me no reason AGAIN. He was already dealt with for rdm but still 

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

heres two gifs of him doing this (his gang really fits him)




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