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Report Against PoopDealer & LtShitFuck


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My IGN - Atlas Elsing


Users IGN - PoopDealer & LtShitFuck - (PD & LSF from hereforth)

Users SteamID - (PD - STEAM_0:0:151256824) (LSF - STEAM_0:0:192673502)


Explain what happened - As seen in the video provided, I was finishing up the build on my new base as minges arrived in the form of a civilian armed with C4 and a small police force. The leading minge, PD, "sent in a drone" by camera minging through my base. LSF than started to false raid me by breaking through my base, and his team followed me. (I will not be asking for his teammates to be warned; they really just followed him and died.) I killed LSF, PD, and the police. PD broke NLR by coming back to then raid me as a civilian with C4. Just an all around bad late-night experience that I'd like to avoid from happening again by having something done.


Evidence - 


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