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Spooky Cripple's Staff Application

Spooky Cripples Staff Application   

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My Username: Spooky Cripple 

My SteamID:

My Discord Name and #: 🎃spooky cripple🎃#2412

 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: yes i think ive bin warned never banned 

My Age: 14 almost 15

My Timezone: us eastern

 Time Played: 185h server time 2,186 game time 

 Staffing Experience (Optional): i have bin a admin on a sandbox server ;3

 Why should you be accepted to the staff team?: i feel that i can help. i have bin playing gmod for years and i have loved the dark rp community and i feel that i can help with the minges. with a server this big and not to many admins but a good amount on it but i am on all the time to 2pm all the way through 12pm weekdays. i'm on all day on weekends 

 Additional Info (Optional): i am a bit of a child i like to mess around and i know that a lot of people on the server know me as a goof ball i'm not the smartest but i know the rules and how to be a staff on a server some things about me i'm a bit of a weeb, nerd, new to e2, building kid, weird, 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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