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Your Username:

A:Banana Republic Minister

Your SteamID or SteamID 64:

A:Steam ID: 76561199260440815

Your Discord Name and #:


Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:

A:3 times,
2 Day Ban RDAx4

5 minute jail RDMx1

1 Day Ban RDMx1 Propblockx1

Your Age:


Your Timezone:


Time Played (Specify which servers [Ex: PRP: 52 hours MBRP: 205 hours]):

A: MBRP 165 hours 

Why should you be accepted to the event team? (One Paragraph):



A: I would love to join the event team because it allows me to further interact with the servers playerbase and development. I have a solid understanding of the communities wants and needs and have the time and energy to actively participate and contribute to server activities. I have played on MBRP for a while now and most of my hours are as an active player, even as an off-time player. I have conversed with a lot of the players at that time and have come to the conclusion that, it's pretty damn boring at that time. I see tons of new players join and leave because while the server has active players, there's just nothing happening. But in general, I think I should be an event team staff member because my contribution will be valuable at a time where others aren't. I look forward to working with the community to make MBRP a more exciting and fun experience. I have worked on my relationship with the community by deciding to take a break. I wanted to give it time before rejoining and reapplying. I thought I would reapply to help the team with the current popularity issues and fully intend to make a positive difference. I hope that my not so recent mod demotion has no effect and I have no recent ban history. I also hope that not only the admin and event team view me differently now but also the vast exhibition community does as well.

How often can you be on the server?:

A: Off hours, sometimes on hours.

Do you have any ideas for events?:

A: I have tons of ideas and specialize in creating solutions and implementing progressive ideas

Would you consider yourself an experienced builder? (If you are not it's perfectly fine, we need people who can host events as well)

A: I wouldn't consider myself experienced in building, but my outside life provides me with a ton of experience in creative idea and design. It will take time however to learn how to effectively use Gmods Building system.

If you answered yes to the question above, can you provide some screenshots of any builds you have done? (This can be any sort of build whether it's base, building, or just anything random you've made)

A: Haven't got screenshots as of now but I can show my dupes if need be.

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I don't really know who plays now a days so I aint gonna do that active stuff and what not but I will say if you have ideas for events I would bring them to event team members or a leader so they can build it or get someone to built it, that will make you get on the good side with the event team leaders and members which will help you in the long run to get event team.


You said you don't have that must experience in building on gmod so I suggest you load on to a sandbox and see how the tools work and see what type of building you like you might base building which is good if you want to make a death run or something like that or if you like or building random things like statues, shops and that kinda random stuff that is good for really any type of event building since it shows that you have a creative mind and enjoy building different things.

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show screenshots come on man they want some, thats kinda lazy and bad look.

you don't know how to use the tools really, you said it yourself. players want the events to look cool. not to look like a shit box made of blastdoor props without any precision.

honestly, you should learn how to build THEN apply. no event team member will teach you how to build for sure.

you were demoted from staff team, and you don't even have 200 hours. that's really low, and you applied at like what 50h ? thats like less than 100h of staffing. pretty low. and you only got to ban 4 players.

nobody cares how many ideas you have. they wanna know them. it's useless to say you have a lot of ideas if you won't even say some.

just no, useless to have new event team members. there is enough rn for the population and if next update doesn't help the playercount, they will most likely shut down the server, which means no where to run events at.


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Sorry I wrote this a while ago and I know how to use the tools well (thanks to a abnormal amount of gmod tool gun building tutorials). Also sorry about screenshots. I was under the impression that they weren't entirely necessary. I have some that I will submit when I have time. As I see it, its a gmod forum application and its not important to me until i get some form of confirmation. You can always be satisfied later or demoted. Its the press of a button, but the community will be what the community will be. Once again, sorry for the misinformation but I ctrl+c from a word document I wrote a while ago.

Edited by Banana Republic Minister
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