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Mexican Border RP Suggestion

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Which server/platform is this suggestion for? (Forums/Discord/Rust/MBRP/PRP)


Name of Suggestion:

A: Re Sit The President

Helpful Link(s):

A: N/A

Suggestion Description:

A: Set the job of the president back to who it was if they was rdmed.

Why should we add this?

A: I think this should be added because i have had this happen multiple times when I am president where mass rdmers or just random rdmers will come and kill me making me loose the president job and the most they get is a 5min jail and me having to wait 100 seconds then have to get re elected that may not happen so I think the staff should be allowed to set the job back to president if we are to be rdmed while sitting as president

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personally, I enjoy it the way it is, if you're being rdmed as president then base in the white house and make sure it's secure, just like how you would defend from raids for any other base. some of the enjoyment that comes from being president is trying to stay alive (at least that's how I find it enjoyable) and I probably wouldn't want president as a job if he wasn't reset after killed.

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