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Cigarette Gaming

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Hello! We are cigarette gaming we are a new upcoming gang in mbrp we strive to be number 1 and be the best! 

Want to join here are the requirements

MUST NOT BE A FORMER FEMBOY MEMBER (however depending on who you are we make exceptions)

Must be a real MBRP OG 

Must pledge allegiance to cigarette gaming and promise to not betray the pack

Must have at least 500 hours

You have to be a exhibitionist or legend to join us no broke vip 🤮

Final requirement is to be respectful to all cigarette gaming members all disputes and arguments will be resolved with the assistance of the gang Council.


Freeze (owner)

Xd lol (co owner)

I smell tender 

Twopack aka Mexican baby


Your fat mother


Edited by xd lol 🇸🇦
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