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Are we number 1?  

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  1. 1. Yes or no. Are we number 1?

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Fact: We are the Number #1 Gang in the biz.

Fact: There is no such gang that remotely comes close to the amount of QUALITY members we have. Currently 16 QUALITY members, you fellers maybe 0.25? margin of error of .25. 

Fact: Old Heads own all. 

Fact: Old Heads are unraidable

Requirements to join Old Heads:

Claimed your OG Ticket before it was too late. 

Pay the entrance fee

Pass the Old Head 16 question quiz. (MOST IMPORTANT)


Last but not least,

Name your top 5 quotes of the day. 


Please message us for the initiation process procedures. Thank you for listening. 

@Maze @Soap or Die @ChabuIa Choo @ChabulaChoo 


@Mike we have the white box in our gang pic btw


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