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DarkRP Update 10/30/2017


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ExhibitionRP Changelog 1.1.4
  1. Police door groups fixed
  2. Removed Stuffed Printers
  3. Removed Bit-miners
  4. Added custom printers
  5. Changed law board design
  6. Added Double or Nothing slots
  7. Added Halloween props
  8. Removed Crash gambling
  9. Added Day n Night system
  10. Added CSO / CF weapons
  11. Added AWP Asiimov
  12. Added Crysis Gauss and Kvolt weapons
  13. Added 3 Vapes +1 Custom Halloween vape
  14. Replaced spawn props with custom screens
  15. Added Information screen to show basic rules, printers currently on the server, and staff contacts
  16. Added Event system
  17. Placed props around map for halloween
  18. Added weapons to the donation site found here
  19. Changed loading screen for Halloween update


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