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Julzminister's Staff Application

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Your Username:

Your Steam ID:

Your Discord Name and #:
Julzminister #4060

Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?:
I think I was Warned because of 1x RDM accidentally.

Your Age:

Your Timezone:

Time Played:
2 Days and 13 Hours.

Staff Experience:
I have None at all but i am willing to Join with a positive attitude and become a loyal staff.

Why Should You be Accepted to The Staff Team?
I think that I should be accepted to the staff team because I love being around people and talking to them and solving problems. I don't mind having a good talk with the people that did something wrong and if it is too large of a Rule Breaker then I will do what is necessary but, I will not be mad at him I will just resolve the problem.

Additional Info: 
My real name is Julian and I don't get mad easily ever. I try my best with whatever it is that i'm trying to do and never give up. :)

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