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DarkRP Update 11/01/2017


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ExhibtionRP Changelog 1.1.5
  1. Removed Old HUD
  2. Removed Old Scoreboard
  3. Removed Old F4 Menu
  4. Added New HUD
  5. Added New Scoreboard
  6. Added New F4 Menu
  7. Updated Itemstore to fix bugs
  8. Removed Halloween Props
  9. Removed StormFox Day and Night System
  10. Added Bitminers
  11. Added Oil Drilling
  12. Added Atlas Chat
  13. Added Atmos Day and Night System
  14. Added Weed System Back
  15. Added Blues unboxing 2
  16. Updated Speedsters to fix health problem
  17. Added Black Jack Tables Back
  18. Added Door Alarm System
  19. Added Pet Mod
  20. Removed Halloween Effect from Vapes
  21. Removed Old Lawboard design
  22. Added New Lawboard design
  23. Added Gamma Skin Pack ( For Blues Unboxing Only )
  24. Added CSGO Knives Basic Pack ( For Blues Unboxing Only )
  25. Added Hay Bale Prop for events
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