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DarkRP Update 12/7/2017


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ExhibtionRP Changelog 1.1.7

[Added]  New hud
[Added]  New Scoreboard
[Added]  New F4 Menu
[Added]  New Organization system
[Added]  New Donation Box for hobo
[Added]  New !announce command for a better announcement ingame
[Added]  Blackjack tables are back for further testing
[Reskin]  Darkrp Interface
[Fixed]  Shipments in F4 menu
[Fixed]  Player esp in org menu spamming console
[Fixed]  Org settings,permissions, and ranks not saving after restart
[Fixed]  Made it so F1 Hides laws of the land
[Removed]  Hobo tipjar

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When you fixed the shipments you made it so they don’t combine, can you make it so they do?

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