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Is this allowed?


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Well I and A$AP Rocky were basing, and we got raided, we had a sit and A$AP's base was a little against the rules with one no colided prop. We both died they got out stuff and dipped, But here the shocker.

These immature boys decided to put these signs down. I called a staff member, we got NextNation and he said its not against the rules.

The names of the guys raided us were :

A lemon ate me | ID: STEAM_0:0:198083096

Inciscorr | ID: STEAM_0:1:245873193





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1 hour ago, LevelCake Emerald.gg said:

Nextnation did the wrong thing. you can't abuse textscreen to do this stuff.

He should of told them to remove them and everyone is happy.

Those players shouldn't be punished since its not something serious. They only needed to be told to remove them and don't do it again or they will be jailed for harassment. 

That's it.

Pretty much.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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