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t1mmy getting salty


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17:03:21 - (OOC) [User] <avatar=STEAM_0:0:222931104>CD ROM: t1mmy is saying he wasn't passed the seconddoor of PD and Flew out of jail to tell me (Abuse) and also tells me he's gonna17:03:29 - (OOC) [User] <avatar=STEAM_0:0:222931104>CD ROM: ban me for following my job rules (Past seconddoor of PD is AOS)17:03:45 - Remember the server restarts every morning @ 6:00AM EST for dailyrestart!!!17:03:49 - (OOC) [User] <avatar=STEAM_0:0:222931104>CD ROM: Buy your donor mod again rip mommy's creditcard

Basically he just said he'd ban me if I did my job as PD Officer, I arrested him while his Player Model was past the second door. On his screen it probably wasn't, he's just a salt hoarder. Btw I think you should Interview first before you accept someone as a donor mod...

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