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T1mmy abuse


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Your in-game name:JayLovesAsians


Staff members name: T1mmy


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):


Explain what happened: So i saw T1mmy outside with a weapon out and at the time they were illegal so i arrested him of course so i went over there to go make fun of him like usually what i do and as soon as i get there i barely just catch him noclipping out of there and i even got him recorded force unarresting himself seconds after sorry about quality it wouldnt let me save the vid to my pc so had to record on my phone


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) 


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Just now, LevelCake Emerald.gg said:

Why can you see people through walls without being in a party with them?

and why are you very vague with this proof?


they are in my org lmao and this kid isnt fit to be a dmod he and imverygay also tried to jaill me for 1000 bc i arrested people for having weapons and bc "they are illegal not aos" and illegal is the same shit lmao

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I've talked to t1mmy, he survives another day.



He did not force unarrest himself and the staff member that did (Not saying names) has been staff striked.


The no clipping, ULX commands are delayed in chat, it seems he did not noclip, seems like he just got unarrested.


This is handled. sorry for this occurance.





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