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I got banned for lagging out from power outtage

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1 hour ago, Can't Stop The Rooster said:

We indeed can help you, once you fill out the format and provide evidence.



LTAP RDAx1    

Time left 6 hours 29 minutes

banned by neonix maguku

Around 8 O` clock yesterday the power went out around my area. i live in more of a poorer area which power outages happen regulary, i live in Gilmore, Baltimore which is Baltiomores more poor side of the city. From what i can remember the guy who i arrested was a Black Market Dealer as i know of and i was recording since i was told at a sit about 4 days ago i should record to provide edivence for some things. The power outage cancelled my recording. i swear im not lying, once again i live in Gilmore, Baltimore, power outages happen often. Please i just wanna RP. ive gotten banned wtice for ltapping but that was because i revenged killed, and got jailed then left. Please help Tom

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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