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Spaghetti's Ban Appeal


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I'd like to clarify, yes what I did was wrong and I'd learn from it especially with losing the rank I once donated for and it was completely out of stupidity for me to do what I did. Yes, I did cheat and doing that was a mistake that can not be reversed, I know this section is for if the ban's were wrongly issued but mine was not and I'd like to state that before the Ban Appeal. I hope you all can see past me being banned for cheating and hopefully give me a second chance.

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IGN (In-Game name): Spaghettiislife (At that time I believe)

Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:68923530

Banned by: Rybrex

Ban date, time & length: Permanent...

Admins ban reason (Why he/she claimed they banned you):
Cheating - Extended |

Explain why you were banned and why it was false

As I stated above, this was not false. This was out of pure stupidity for me to enrage and get banned for cheating, I know you're going to comment well what says you wont do this again? There is no 100% assurance I can bring forth to you but I can tell you that I feel terrible about what I did, I feel like what I did was wrong and it shouldn't of ever been done. You're probably going to comment, if we un-banned you what assure's us that you wouldn't cheat again? Like I stated before I can't bring forth this assurance but I can give you my word, this coming from someone that was banned on your server for cheating may not seem as much but I promise I won't do such again.

Did you break any rules to get banned?:

I broke the rule that I regret with everything in me, Cheating.

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