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obey and skid failrp and nlr breaking


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Your in-game name: AvanFC


Users IGN: Obey, Skid


Users SteamID: Obey's- STEAM_1:1:68923530 

                       Skid's- STEAM_1:0:125826738

Explain what happened: So it began with Genocide telling me that Obey came to her property, she had a building sign up and was, indeed building. She also said obey went in and bought every door besides the front doors and one downstairs. In the video you'll see him coming back to sell those doors. In a different video (or the same one) Obey and Skid are going around kidnapping without caring about cooldown. No one's reported it using @ because no staff was on at the time. Also when a juggernaut comes and cp raids them for kidnapping, they both die and come back to kill him immediately. Also I killed one of them for trying to kidnap me and he comes back to kill me, {PG} Neuro is on my squad so he kills Skid. Video's explain everything.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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