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Why am I banned?

♂ Razor sharp ♂

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IGN (In-Game name): ♂ Razor sharp ♂

Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:427068906

Banned by: FaZe White Knight

Ban date, time & length:

Admins ban reason (Why he/she claimed they banned you): I have no idea. The reason given was to leave while playing role play which I have no idea why leaving the server when its 11:05pm is not allowed.

Explain why you were banned and why it was false:
I was simply banned for no reason and makes no sense to ban someone for leaving the server when I didn't do anything wrong.
Did you break any rules to get banned?: No.

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11 minutes ago, teh epic frog said:

Then unfortunately there’s is not much that can be done to unban you but I’m sure the staff would be talked to 

I don't care what might happen to the staff member, I just wanna be unbanned seeing how there's no evidence/proof I broke the rules of the server in anyway. I will never purposely break a rule

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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